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Discover Stylish White Basins Online at Mimicocò!

A white basin is a great addition to every bathroom not just because it is easy on the eye but because it also provides practical benefits. Giving your bathroom a flair of elegance, a gloss white or matte white basin fits in perfectly with every aesthetic.

The best place to purchase a white basin in Australia? Right here at Mimicocò. Offering a wide selection of brands, styles and finishes, you are sure to find something that caters to your requirements. When you choose us for your bathroom supplies, you are guaranteed quality.
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A Simple Yet Versatile Addition to Your Bathroom

Solid surface white basins are an ever-popular choice for Australian bathrooms and for good reason. From day one, you reap in the benefits including:

Elegance and style

For a somewhat simple design, a white basin is an elegant and stylish asset to any bathroom. Matching almost aesthetic, you are able to change the whole style of your bathroom without the need to replace the basin, keeping the costs of any renovation low.

Easy maintenance

If kept regularly maintained, these basins will have a long-lasting life. If you choose a matte white basin, simply wiping away spillages promptly is all that you need to do, and the appearance can be regularly restored through gentle buffing.


The surface of a solid basin is very sturdy and durable instead of brittle and fragile like other materials. This makes them very difficult to crack or break and guarantees a long-lasting, low maintenance addition to your bathroom.

Why Purchase from Mimicocò?

At Mimicocò, we are proud to be amongst Australia’s most-loved and most trusted suppliers of bathroom essentials. Every item in our collection is of the highest quality and made right here in Australia so you can rest assured that you are purchasing from and contributing to our community when you shop in our collections.

When it comes to a comprehensive range of bathroom fixtures and accessories, few can compare to us. Bringing you a wide selection of brands including ADP, Fienza and Kaskade, styles including round, oval and rectangular and finishes including white and gloss; you are sure to find something to suit your aesthetic.

Find your dream basin and browse additional items such as shower bases, toilets and smaller accessories to match. Our competitive pricing and ZIP payment options ensure that a bathroom renovation is affordable for all.

If you have found a basin that you love but are not yet ready to install, then have no worry. We offer a storage service, enabling us to hold your order for an unlimited period of time and only dispatching when you are ready.

Browse Our Collections Today!

Whether you are looking for a simple change of basin or an entire bathroom transformation, we have you covered. Browse our collections today or speak to a member of our team to see how we can meet your needs. With our catalogue continuously updating, you are guaranteed the best and newest products.
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