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Wall Facing and Wall Hung toilet suites are a perfect option for a minimal, modern and space saving toilet solution. All plumbing and waste pipes flow straight into the wall or floor, making everything hidden from view. Mimicoco offer a great range of Gerberit and R&T Flush Buttons, Matte White Toilet Suites or Matte Black Toilet Suites to suite any style of bathroom or powder room aesthetic.  

Wall Facing Toilet Suite

Wall Faced pans are similar to a Back to Wall toilet suite as they sit flush to the ground, except for the fact they have a in-wall cistern. These toilets can be installed as an S Trap or P Trap.

Wall Hung Toilet Suite 

Wall Hung pans are mounted onto a in-wall concealed steel frame. A great benefit to a wall hung toilet is that it can be installed to users height preference, which ads for accessibility universal design. Wall Hung toilets sit flush against the wall while hovering off the ground to creating a sense of space and luxury. 
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The Best Place to Buy Wall Hung Toilets? Here at Mimicocò!

An increasingly popular addition to any bathroom is a wall hung toilet. Providing a contemporary aesthetic, it brings beauty to the room as well as other practical benefits including space maximisation, better hygiene levels and noise reduction.

If you are looking for a beautiful range of wall hung toilets and other bathroom essentials, then you have come to the right place. Offering countless products from a wide selection of brands, we are able to cater to all requirements to help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

5 Benefits of Going Wall Hung for Your Toilet

More and more homeowners are choosing to go wall hung in their bathrooms and for good reason. The benefits include:

Space maximisation

The nature of wall hung toilets is that the cistern is hidden behind the wall, projecting the toilet outwards. The cluttered look of regular toilets is eliminated, there is no contact with the floor and space in the bathroom is maximised.

Cleaning accessibility

A fantastic benefit of wall hung toilets is the easiness of cleaning. The elevated pan can be cleaned quickly and unlike a traditional toilet, there are no tight spaces where dust and dirt can build up. Simple, easy and efficient; what could be better?


Wall hung toilets can be installed to cater to your requirements. The height of the pan can be customised which is perfect when designing a bathroom for someone with limited mobility.

Strength and durability

It is a common misconception that a wall hung toilet will not be as strong as traditional ones but this is not the case. Withstanding weights of 200kg+, they are built to be sturdy and durable.

Aesthetically pleasing

If you are looking for a modern, sleek bathroom design then a wall hung toilet is the perfect addition. The unique appearance makes the room look more spacious and is guaranteed to give the wow factor.

Providing Quality Products Alongside Great Customer Service

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality bathroom essentials including wall hung toilets, from Australian suppliers. Continuously updating our catalog, we bring you the freshest, most desirable designs that will make your bathroom stand out from the crowd.

If you need some extra assistance, our friendly customer care team is on hand. Want help with your bathroom design? We have you covered. Just looking for some basic product information? That’s no problem either. Our team is knowledgeable, experienced and always happy to share their expertise.

Once you have chosen your products and purchased them through our checkout, you can expect a timely delivery. Where possible, we ship all orders within 3-6 working days, ensuring that they have adequate insurance for a stress-free delivery.

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The time to redesign your bathroom is now. Transform your room into a contemporary haven with a wall hung toilet. Browse our collections or speak to our friendly team to discover the best product for your design.
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