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Order a Vanity Basin Online

Are you renovating your bathroom and looking for ways to optimise the space available to you? Bathrooms are usually small, but there are a lot of toiletries and accessories you want to be able to keep in there, from toilet paper and towels to haircare products and makeup. A vanity might be the answer for you. Seamlessly blending in with a fitting basin, vanities provide valuable storage space and are extremely stylish, capable of having a big impact on the overall look of your bathroom. At Mimicocò, you can order a vanity with a basin online, no matter what style you want or how your bathroom looks. We have high-quality products from the best brands in the industry, at competitive prices and with Australia-wide shipping.
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Picking a Vanity Basin

The fact that vanities come in so many styles is one of the reasons why they’re such an excellent item and can fit into any home. But how do you narrow down all the options available at Mimicocò? Here are some of the things to keep in mind and consider when you’re looking at vanities and basins for your bathroom.

  • Functionality: How much more storage do you need, and how big are the items you plan to put away in your vanity? This is important for picking the right size and right amount of shelves. Also, consider how many people will be using this bathroom and if it’s maybe best to get a double vanity with two basins.

  • Location: Look at your bathroom and decide where to put this vanity and basin. This will also help you determine how big you’re able to go, and if you maybe need or want to put it in a corner and want to look at some corner vanity varieties to get the perfect fit.

  • Style: What does the rest of your bathroom look like, and how would a vanity and basin need to look to fit in? What is your personal style and the look you’re going for with this addition? Do you want the vanity to stand out as an eye-catching statement piece or be simpler, more inconspicuous and blend in with the rest of the room? All of these things are up to you.

  • Basin: You might have an existing basin, in which case you want to find a vanity model that will fit under it, or you lack or want to replace your basin. All of our vanities don’t come with a basin included, so take that into account as well and consider if you need to order one separately. We have plenty of options for basins too.

Find Your Perfect Fit at Mimicocò

Mimicocò is one of the best places in Australia to order a vanity and basins online. We have a wide collection of high-quality options from dependable and well-known brands. Some of these are even customisable when it comes to size, colour and accessories included. We’re able to accommodate all different tastes and sizes, no matter how big your bathroom is or what style you’re going for. Whether you need a basin alongside your vanity or not, it can be included with the purchase of certain vanities or be bought separately on our website. Get a vanity with a basin from Mimicocò.
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