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If you’re building or renovating your home and looking for new bathroom toilets, Mimicocò offers an exceptional range of bidets and toilets online, so you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for in our collection.

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Types Of Mimicocò Toilets Online

Without a doubt, the toilet is a necessity in every home, although it's usually also the item people think least about when they’re designing their bathrooms. It might also come as a surprise to learn that not models and styles of toilets are the same. Mimicocò is here to help you get the right bathroom toilets and bidets. We’ve collected a wide range of versatile toilet designs that will suit every type of bathroom you could imagine.

What To Consider When Replacing Bathroom Toilets

Here at Mimicocò, we’re extremely passionate about the designs and quality of our bathroom toilets. And because we offer a wide range of toilets online, it’s important to think about what you need most out of your toilet, because after all, you want it to last a very long time. Here are some factors you should consider when looking at toilets online.

  • Size - There’s nothing worse than installing a toilet, only for the user to have trouble opening or closing the door (especially if the toilet is separate to the rest of the bathroom or the toilet is right next to the bathroom door). You’ll want to ensure that the toilet fits comfortably in the space and that the person using the toilet can easily fit in the space while they’re using it. The limited space you have could mean that it would make more sense to invest in a wall faced or hung toilet.
  • Style - Just search toilets online and you’ll see that there are many more styles than what you would have thought possible, so just like you choose a basin or bathtub that fits or complements the aesthetic of your bathroom interior, you can do the same with the toilet. We have seen many home renovators choose matte black toilets instead of the very common white porcelain, as black adds a more sophisticated and luxury feel to a bathroom, especially if black matte is already a theme throughout their home. Back to wall toilets are also increasingly popular, with all plumbing fittings hidden, making them easier to clean. In wall toilets add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with the cistern hidden and your choice of buttons to accessories with.
  • Functionality - Take a look at modern bathrooms and toilets Australia wide and no doubt you would have noticed that toilets have more features today than they did in the past. One of the most popular functions people choose is rimless toilets. Because there is no rim where bacteria and grime can build up, rimless toilets are considered more hygienic and easier to clean, so considering this type of function could save time on your usual toilet cleaning. We advise looking for toilets with easily removable toilet seats to make cleaning easier. You may also want to consider if you want a flush button or flush plate, so your toilet can flush different amounts of water.

We Talk Toilets

To make sure you get the right toilet, it pays to also check the plumbing you currently have or know that you will have, so that you are best placed to buy the right kind of toilet. You also might want to consider aspects such as water efficiency when comparing toilets. Whether you’re renovating your bathroom from top to bottom or you’re simply looking for a new pan or cistern, our Mimicocò design team is always here to help you with choosing your toilet, so feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about our range of bathroom toilets and bidets.