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Fifth Avenue have handcrafted a range of vanities for the ‘Australian style’ bathroom. These wall hung vanities are made from ethically sourced, solid teak timber. Fifth Avenue use excellent joinery techniques to ensure your bathroom furniture will last well past their 10 year warranty. 
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Upgrade Your Bathroom with a Timber Vanity

If you’re lacking in storage space in your bathroom or are just looking for ways to create a new look during renovations, a timber vanity is a great choice. You can keep all your toiletries and bathroom accessories organised and out of sight, while also being easily available at the basin while you’re going through your morning or evening routine, and without losing any of the valuable space available in the bathroom. If a natural, rustic theme is what you’re going for, timber vanities are perfect for creating that look. At Mimicocò, we have plenty of options to choose between. We’re one of Australia’s top suppliers of bathroom furnishings, stocking bathroom vanities from brands like Fienza, Turner Hastings and more at competitive prices.

Using Timber in Bathrooms

You might be wondering if putting wood in the bathroom is a good idea, given the levels of moisture it will be exposed to. There’s actually no need to worry, as a wooden vanity will be completely fine. Soft, cheap woods don’t do very well with moisture, but higher quality hardwoods, such as those used in the vanities from the brands we stock at Mimicocò, are durable and will do fine with moisture. Another important aspect of this is the fact that the wood is properly impregnated. Modern impregnation technology is much more advanced than it has been in the past and is capable of protecting wood from even high moisture levels. If you like the look of wooden vanities, you can rest assured they will survive the moisture of your bathroom.

Hardwood Vanities at Mimicocò

At Mimicocò, we have one of the largest collections of timber vanities in Australia. We stock well-known brands like Fienza, Turner Hastings, ADP and Timberline, providing only products of the highest quality. Our vanities come in different styles and colours so that you can create a look that’s perfect for your bathroom and your taste. This includes corner vanities, double vanities, small vanities, wall hung vanities and floor standing vanities.

Many of the models we have available come with different options for size, colour and accessories so that you can customise them according to your needs. If you need a basin, many come with one included, and if you’re looking to attach one to an existing basin, we have many models without basins too. Our vanities come with a warranty of at least 5 years, and for some of them it’s 10 years, so you know they’re sturdy and will last you a long time. No matter what your bathroom looks like, how much space you have available, or what model you’re looking for, we have the perfect vanity for you right here at Mimicocò.

Making an Order

We’re an online store based in Melbourne, and all vanities can be ordered online on our website, with shipping available to all of Australia. For orders of large items above $500 to the Melbourne metropolitan area, shipping is free. We’re even able to accommodate requests for items not currently available on our website, all you have to do is email us! Order your wooden vanity from Mimicocò to upgrade your bathroom.
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