Thermogroup Thermorail 12 Volt Round Ladder Heated Towel Rail 600x800x112 100Watts 7 Bars Matte Black SR4412B

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Product Description

Heated Towel Rails are an affordable luxury for every bathroom for warming and drying your towels. The SR4412B Heated Towel Rail is a 600x800 7 bar mat black ladder rail.

The SR4412B electric towel dryer is a 12V unit, this means that it can be installed close to a wet area in the bathroom. The rail comes supplied with a transformer which reduces the incoming voltage from 240v to 12v. The rail will still operate at the same temperature and use the same amount of electricity as an equivalent 240v rail as the wattage is the same, however, the rail is operating at a lower voltage.

The rail has a wiring point on both the left and right-hand side of the rail and can be wired at either the top or bottom of the rail. As it is a 12v unit and needs to be wired to a transformer the rail can only be hardwired.

The electric towel rail is designed to rapidly heat up and reach a temperature of around 45-55 degrees.


Output: 10Watts
IP Rating: IP55
Warranty: 7yrs
Lead Length: 1.8m
Voltage: 12Volt
No of Bars: 7
Wiring Type: Multiflex - Concealed (hardwired) or exposed (plugin)
Wiring Position: Any of the four mounting positions
Distance Between Mounting Points (Top to Bottom): 600mm
Distance Between Mounting Points (Left to Right): 568mm


Other Details

Matt Black
Product Type:
Heated Towel Rails

Warranty Information

7 years replacement parts or product.