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Stainless Steel Bathroom Accessories

We’ve all been in bathrooms and observed a build-up of grime around the grouting, or noticed that the chrome fixtures are losing their luster, or lamented a chipped matte finish that distracts from the otherwise stunning look.
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The Biggest Range of Stainless Steel Bathroom Accessories for Sale Online

All lovingly designed bathroom finishes look great, however, we are human and so must expect the occasional accident or spell of laziness that leads to a diminished effect. At Mimicocò we have met many customers seeking out a solution that is at once stunning on sight and incredibly durable as the years roll by, who ultimately choose stainless steel bathroom accessories.

The benefits of stainless steel are the hardwearing properties that make it easy to clean, resist rust and keep staining and corrosion at bay. What’s more, those who love to bring the best out of their home accessories can put in a little extra effort from time to time and polish up the surface to replenish its stylish appeal.

Our Australia Wide Online Store stocks high-quality stainless steel goods, among them a stunning range of vanities and rail showers, and we regularly update our catalogue and among the brand whose items we stock are:

Stainless Steel Bathroom Accessories Are Just the Beginning

If you dive right into a bathroom renovation project you’re looking for trouble. To help you organize your thoughts when starting out here are a few handy tips that might save you time and money.

1) Expect the unexpected

Everything might look peachy on the outside, but once you start to remove the old accessories and fittings, water damage may be present that needs addressing. Budget accordingly.

2) Water conservation

When you’re choosing a toilet, or faucets or showerhead, it is worth looking into options that have been built with the environment in mind, and are therefore more efficient when it comes to usage.

3) Surface durability

The likelihood is that you’re investing with a number of years in mind before you’ll even consider changing your bathroom again. As such, a durable, long-lasting material like porcelain will stand-up to wear and tear over time. Do research and find the material that works best with your design.

4) Don’t skimp on space

You don’t want to be teetering over your vanity while grooming and you don’t want to be cramped and banging off the sides when in your shower stall. Think practically.

5) Ventilation and light

Don’t forget to find appropriate lighting for the different areas in your bathroom, and remember, there will be steam, so make sure it has somewhere to go.

We're Australia's Leader in Stainless Steel Bathroom Accessories

Making changes to your bathroom, or preparing to create that perfect space you’ve always dreamed of should be afforded the time and careful consideration. At Mimicocò, we strive to meet the needs of our customers in any way we can, from supplying the perfect stainless steel bathroom accessories to helping you choose a bathroom style that’s right for you.

Where products are not listed on our website or in the catalogue, or if you can’t find the kind of finish you’re looking for, let us know. We have access to a long list of suppliers and getting you a quote could lead to you having what you want with the added benefit of knowing it comes from a trusted, Melbourne-based supplier. 

We look forward to helping you explore and create, so drop in, give us a call and let’s get started.
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