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Your Home Of Smart Toilets Australia

The desire for more hygienic and easier ways to clean toilets, has made more families select smart toilets Australia wide. At Mimicocò we have a wonderful range to choose from, including bidets and rimless toilets.

Choose Smart Toilets Australia For A More Comfortable Experience

There’s no doubt that the emergence of high-tech bathroom products has greatly improved the quality of our lives. From easier cleaning and maintenance to improved hygiene and a better impact on the environment, toilets have really come a long way. The smart toilets Australia and the rest of the world are utilising, often come with a range of advanced functions. Some smart toilets integrate the toilet and bidet into a single unit while others use rimless technology for superb clean, taking away the need for more difficult manual cleaning.

Functions Of Smart Toilets

There are a few different functions that can make a toilet into what’s considered a smart toilet. These include:

  • Bidets - You may have heard of bidets but it’s only in recent years that they have become one of the smart toilets Australia is embracing. A bidet is an added accessory or it may be inbuilt into the toilet (in some bathrooms it is a separate fixture to the toilet), which uses water to clean your bottom after using the toilet. The bidet usually comes with different settings to target the different areas (so it can be used by males and females). State of the art bidets have been designed to assist with personal hygiene and body cleanliness and allow users to clean themselves more thoroughly than what they can with just toilet paper. Bidets also reduce the reliance on toilet paper, which is better for the environment.
  • Rimless Toilets - A rimless toilet is designed to look very similar to a traditional toilet however, while a traditional toilet has a rim around the bowl where the water runs down, a rimless toilet doesn’t. Instead, it uses a rear-mounted valve that pushes the water across the bowl horizontally. The benefit of a rimless toilet over a traditional toilet, is that traditional toilets can allow muck to get stuck under that rim, making it more difficult to clean. With the rimless toilet, there is nowhere else for the muck to go so it is better removed by flushing and is all round easier to clean.
  • Back to Wall or Closed Coupled Toilet - While these might not necessarily be classed as a smart toilet, they are a modern design that is more advanced than the traditional toilet. Back to wall toilets have been designed with both the pan and cistern sitting flush against the wall, removing any gaps or crevices behind and under the suite, making it easier to clean around it. Another benefit of the back to wall toilet suite, is that all the unsightly pipework and plumbing is concealed, and most suites are now also rimless. With a flush button, this style of toilet will integrate seamlessly into any bathroom.

What Is The Best Smart Toilet?

It basically comes down to three factors when picking the right smart toilet - function, style and budget. If you’re on a budget, a toilet with standard functions will be enough. However, you might be surprised by how affordable a rimless toilet can be. Have a chat with our Mimicocò team today and we’ll be happy to discuss what it is you’re looking for. With our knowledge of bathrooms, we will be able to help you make the right choice from all the options of smart toilets Australia has available right now.