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Vanities for Small Basins in Australia

In a small bathroom, finding storage space for towels, skincare and hair products and other toiletries and accessories is difficult. A narrow vanity is the perfect solution. Putting a vanity underneath your sink will give you extra storage without taking up too much of the limited space available, allowing you to achieve a clean, organised look in even the smallest of bathrooms, making your bathroom tidier and your morning routine faster. Mimicocò has bathroom furnishings from all the best Australian brands, including vanities of various sizes and styles. We have vanities for the smallest of bathrooms, no matter what style you’re going for or the budget available to you.
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A Slimline Vanity Makes Life Easier and Your Home Tidier

The bathroom is one of those places in your home where a lot of items will accumulate. This is especially true if multiple people are sharing the same bathroom. Haircare, skincare, makeup, toiletries, towels, toilet paper and other accessories need to be kept somewhere. Many bathrooms have limited storage, consisting of maybe a shelf or two along with a small cabinet. There isn’t any space available to put in a proper cabinet or put up more shelves, so a small vanity is an ideal option.

A vanity fits seamlessly underneath even a small basin and offers plenty of storage on several shelves. This allows you to put away a lot of items instead of keeping them out in the open, making your bathroom that much tidier and more stylish. A vanity helps you organise all your toiletries so that you know exactly where they are and have easy access to them without having to search or retrieve items that are stored outside of the bathroom due to lack of space. It will give your bathroom a clean, tidy look and make your morning and evening routines much faster to get through.

A Wide Variety of Small Vanities

When it comes to vanities, we have many different options available at Mimicocò. If you have a large bathroom shared with multiple people, you might be interested in a double vanity. But if you’re looking for an ensuite or small powder room vanity, we have those available too. Many of these products can be customised to fit more perfectly into your bathroom or under your basin. They’re also available in all the styles you could want. Whether you want something that seamlessly blends into your bathroom or something that stands out and gives it more of a stylish edge, there’s a vanity that will fit your needs. Modern or classic and rustic, dark or light, simple or extravagant, there are vanities for all tastes. Some of our vanities are hung onto the wall, and some of them stand on the floor. We also have varying prices to ensure that there’s an option for you no matter what your budget is.

Buy a Slimline Vanity from Mimicocò

Mimicocò offers high-quality bathroom vanities from well-known brands at competitive prices. We’re based in Melbourne, but we offer countrywide shipping. Browse our collection and order your new vanity from our website.
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