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When it comes time to update your bathroom showers, you will find a superb range right here at Mimicocò. With bathroom showers in a variety of styles, sizes, finishes and functions, you’ve got more choice than ever before.

12 of 559 Items
12 of 559 Items

Modern And Stylish Bathroom Showers

Are you unsure what design will suit your needs best? Do you want to spend your money on a bathroom design that’s going to increase the resale value of your home? Or perhaps you care most about the visual appeal of your new shower and you can’t decide whether you prefer a traditional or more trendy style. When it comes down to those special details, you’ll find everything you need for your shower renovation right here. From built-in ceiling showers and SPA all-in-one showers to multifunction and care bathroom showers; Mimicocò provides you with a complete range of bathroom showers and shower heads to choose from, right at your fingertips.

Popular Styles Of Bathroom Showers And Shower Heads

You really do have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to your shower. Our fixed range of shower heads includes such options as built in ceiling showers (or rain showers). These are installed flushed in the ceiling and can provide a wider area for water to flow. There are other types of overhead showers in different styles, sizes and finishes. These can come out from the wall instead of the ceiling and they still give you a very luxurious showering experience. If members of your family are of various heights or you want to install a hand or massage shower head, you’ll find a great range of shower rails which allow for easy adjustment of the shower head itself or you might want to consider a combination shower which allows you to switch between a shower head and a handheld shower head. Keep in mind that your final choice may depend on your ceiling height or where your current plumbing for the shower head and taps is, so make note of these before you chat with your Mimicoco designe, and they’ll be able to help you get the option that is right for your bathroom.

Get The Design Advice You Need For Your Bathroom Renovation

Here at Mimicocò, our in-house design team is here to help you to design a bathroom that suits your needs, whatever they may be. We’ll take the time to understand what you need for your bathroom, we’ll discuss your personal style or the aesthetic of your home that you are looking to transfer into your bathroom, we’ll go through how to select the best components to go with your bathroom showers, we’ll provide you with a tailored look book so you are completely happy with how your bathroom will look and we will then also be able to provide you with quotes based on your bathroom shower, fixtures, fittings and accessories selection. With our expert advice and our superb range of bathroom showers and accessories, our dedicated design team will be able to give your bathroom renovation a premium look, without breaking your budget.