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Shower Heads for Sale Online

Replacing your old shower head with a newer and high-performing alternative can completely change your showering experience and change the overall look of your bathroom. Investing in a contemporary shower head can add an elegant finish to your bathroom and make it appear cleaner too. Fortunately, at Mimicocò, we have a range of shower heads online that can transform your bathroom’s appearance and improve your shower’s functionality. Our shower heads come in a range of shapes, diameters and colours so that you can choose the perfect shower head for your bathroom
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What to Consider Before Buying Shower Heads Online

Before you press that ‘buy’ button, there are certain things you should consider before buying a shower head. These include;

  • Water Pressure & Components. If you purchase a shower head that isn’t suitable for your water pressure or existing plumbing system, then you won’t experience the advantages associated with newer shower components.
  • Design. Even though a shower head might seem like it doesn’t play an important role in your bathroom’s design, choosing the wrong one can make your décor look out of sync.
  • Warranties & Guarantees. It’s always best to buy products that come with a guarantee as it shows that the specific company/brand has confidence in their products. At MimiCoco, all our shower heads come with a range of guarantees and warranties to protect our customers and give them peace of mind.

We’ve Got a Wide Range of Shower Heads for Sale

We’ve got a huge collection of shower heads for sale with all kinds of finishes from some of the most trusted brands in Australia.

Choose from a wide range of finishes including;

  • Brushed Gold
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Chrome
  • Chrome/Matt Black
  • Chrome/Matt White
  • Gunmetal
  • Matt Black

We stock products from the most trusted brand names in Australia including;

  • Fienza
  • Jamie J
  • Millennium
  • Phoenix Tapware  

Wondering where to buy shower heads at amazing prices?

As well as offering the finest products at competitive prices, we also work hard to ensure that our customers receive the best customer service and advice. When you shop with Mimicocò, you can enjoy the following;

  • Australia-Wide Delivery
  • Safe and Secure Online Payments
  • Accurate product information
  • Collections from big brand names

Buy Shower Heads Online At Mimicocò

Here at Mimicocò, we have a massive range of shower heads online for you to browse so that you can find the one that is going to be perfect in your bathroom space.

However, with so many incredible designs available, it can be difficult to know where to buy shower heads that will give you everything that you want. Mimicocò is the only place that you need to shop, and we have listed below some top tips on how to pick the best shower head for your bathroom. 

How You Can Choose The Best Shower Head 

No one wants to start their day with a boring shower, and the right shower head can help you get off to the best start every morning! However, before buying a shower head, consider these top tips below that will ensure you purchase the very best option for your requirements.

  • Save Water, Save Money - We know that more and more customers are becoming aware of their water use and the impact that this has on the environment. With a world that is changing and heading towards more sustainable living, we all want to do our part, and an easy way to do this is by saving water, which will, in turn, also save you a ton of money too!
  • 2.5 gallons per minute is the average for a shower head, but if you are still using a much older unit, this could be more. By switching to one that uses 2 gallons per minute or less, you could save almost 3000 gallons of water every year in a family household! Plus, think about the money saved in energy.
  • Opt For Water Pressure Over Volume - When you are buying a new shower head, it is a good idea to opt for water pressure over volume. Many people think that they absolutely have to install the biggest unit that they can, but this is not always necessary.
  • Experts say that, for most people, an enjoyable shower is more about the pressure rather than the volume, so you may be best looking at smaller shower heads that pack a punch over very large shower rain heads that produce a lot of volume but not much in the way of pressure. 

These are just a few things to think about before buying your new shower head that will ensure you get the perfect one for you and your bathroom. 

Get In Touch With The Mimicocò Team Today

Are you ready to choose from the collection of shower heads for sale here at Mimicocò? Get in touch with our team today for help and advice on choosing the perfect one for your bathroom. You can do this through phone or email by using the online contact form.

We aim to make shopping for bathroom accessories and bathroom fittings easy and with our range of services you’ll be able to sit-back, relax and wait for your order to arrive. No more traipsing around bathroom showrooms looking at the same line of products in each store!

For more info on our products or to ask our experts some advice on smashing your next bathroom renovation project, reach out to us today as we’d be happy to help you.
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