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Rimless toilets have quickly become the popular choice when it comes to installing a new toilet due to their availability in a wide variety of deign styles, Back to Wall Toilet Suites, Wall Faced and Wall Hung Toilet Suites. Plus the most important factor, Hygiene. With rimless pans there is nowhere for bacteria or grime to build up, and makes the pan easier to clean. Flushing performance is also more efficient and washes the complete bowl.
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Rimless toilets are becoming an increasingly popular choice for Australian bathrooms. With a range of benefits including better hygiene, easier cleaning and efficient flushing, it comes as no surprise that more are turning to a rimless toilet.

The best place to purchase your new toilet? Right here at Mimicocò. Offering a wide range of styles, brands and colours; you are sure to find the perfect product for your requirements. Whatever your taste and design ideas, we have you covered.

Providing a Better Level of Hygiene

On the outside, you wouldn’t be able to tell whether a toilet was rimless or not, but from the inside, there is a clear difference - there is no rim (yes, it’s as simple as it sounds). Although it may not be a massive difference appearance-wise, a rimless toilet actually provides great benefits over traditional rimmed models.

First and foremost, choosing a rimless toilet provides you with a much better level of hygiene. The smooth surface inside the bowl makes it harder for harmful bacteria and germs to fester as there are no nooks and crannies for them to lurk. This also makes it easier to clean the inside of the bowl; wiping away any dirt in seconds rather than having to spend time scrubbing; how amazing!

Equipping your bathroom with a rimless toilet is a fantastic way to save on water. A more efficient flush, the water is distributed evenly around the bowl providing an in-depth clean. Reduced energy and a comprehensive clean - what could be better?

Choosing a rimless toilet does not mean you need to compromise on style. At Mimicocò there are multiple styles to choose from including traditional back to wall options as well as contemporary wall hung toilets. With brands including Fienza, Turner Hastings and BestBM, you are sure to find something to suit your design specification.

Choose Mimicocò for Quality Products and Great Service

We are amongst Australia’s most loved and most trusted suppliers of bathroom essentials and for good reason. We are constantly striving to cater to the needs of all of our customers and provide a diverse range of both large bathroom essentials and smaller accessories. Continuously updating our products to bring the newest and freshest styles is just one aspect as to how we achieve greatness. With a wide range of suppliers, we are able to find items to suit your needs, even if they are not currently listed in our catalogue.

From ordering to shipping, you are treated as a priority. Dispatching products within 3 to 6 days of order, you will receive your rimless toilet in no time. If you are not yet ready for delivery, store your products in our warehouse for an unlimited amount of time. A personalised service is guaranteed whenever you choose Mimicocò.

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