Radiant Under Tile Heating Living Areas - Cable Mat Kit

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Underfloor Heating
Radiant Heating Radiant Under Tile Heating Living Areas - Cable Mat Kit

Our under tile floor heating kit is perfect for putting floor heating under tiles, where the floor cannot be screeded. The cable is attached directly to a mat, that is installed on the base surface and is then covered with the tile adhesive and tiles. The thin 3mm cables means that the tiler only has to use a little bit of extra adhesive. The mats are 500mm wide and are easily installed by cutting the matting (NOT THE CABLE) and snaking the mat backwards and forwards filling in the area to be heated.

In Screed
Cable Mat Kit
Use In: Living Areas
Mat Included

Kit Includes:
Heating Cable on Mat
TS8100-TH-V Thermostat
Cable Alarm
Cloth Duct Tape
Full Instructions

Standard 240V
Watts per Sqm: 150W per sqm
IP Rating: IPX7
Cable Thickness: 3mm
Warranty: 10 years



10 year warranty