Modern Flavour

Hey there! So, you’re about to renovate or build a new bathroom. In this post you will find a few helpful hints to make designing a modern bathroom much easier! Whether you’re tackling the job with an interior designer, architect or builder, the most important first step in any renovation is to pinpoint your style. If you love clean lines, open space and minimalistic features then a modern style bathroom may be just the one for you! Continue reading for the need to know details for creating the perfect modern bathroom including vanity selection, colour pallets, fixtures and finishing touches.


1) Colour palette
The key to a modern bathroom is to keep the room reasonably neutral, being greys, whites and blacks. In this bathroom we have chosen the 60cm x 60cm Eaglemont Rock Grey floor and wall tiles. The larger size of the tiles means less grout lines therefore creating the illusion of a larger space. Continuing the floor tile up the walls also increases the look of the size of the room by not drawing your eye to where the floor ends and the wall begins. We have also added in a feature wall using 10cm x 30cm white subway tiles. White is the perfect choice in a grey room such as this one as it brightens up the space by reflecting the natural light around the room. The subway tiles have been laid vertically to elongate the space and create the feeling of higher ceilings.

Eaglemont stone look range, available in 300x600 and 600x600 in silver and grey:

eaglemont-silver-60x60.png     eaglemont-rock-60x60-.png     

2) Vanity selection
Selecting a vanity can be one of the hardest choices when designing a bathroom. Since the key to modernising any space is to create clean lines, we suggest going for a wall hung vanity. A wall-hung vanity appears to “float” above the ground, creating a light, streamlined look. Choosing a timber look laminate for the front of your vanity it a great way to bring a little warmth into the room. Pair your cabinet with a white vanity top and a white above counter basin to create a subtle centrepiece in your space.

3) Fixtures
Fixtures in a modern bathroom tend to be simple and streamlined. For consistency choose one metal finish across the board between the spouts, shower and basin mixers and accessories such as towel rails. This will help to create the modern, minimalist look you are after. The neutral palette of a contemporary bathroom sets the perfect backdrop for matte black tapware and accessories. Sleek in design, the Vivid Slimline range from Phoenix adds immediate impact to a space. In this bathroom we have paired our black tapware with one of our beautiful Italian stone shower bases in the colour ‘Nero’, not only does it make for an incredible statement piece, these wonderful bases are also extremely practical, and eliminate any complications that come with a tiled shower base such as a leaky floor.

Bathroom in the picture package cost:
In the price we have considered 14 square meters of 600x600 Eaglemont Rock Silver Porcelain Tile.
Price calculation:
1x Timberline Nevada Wall Hungh Vanity 1200 With Timberline Allure Basin included: $1658 - Australia made vanity
1x Fienza Koko Rimless Back to Wall Toielt: from $436
1x 900x1200 Domus Living Pietra Nero Shower Floor - Matte black: $1365 - Italian made shower floor
1x Mimicocó Giov Tower Mixer Matte Black: $147
1x Mimicocó Giov Multi Function Sliding Shower With Overhead Rain Shower Matt Black: $352
1x Mimicocó Giov Wall Mixer Matte Black: $74
1x Mimicocó Giov Single Towel Rail Matte Black 600mm: $46
1x Mimicocó Giov Toilet Paper Holder Matte Black: $27
1x Mimicocó Gian Shower Shelf Matte Black: $21
14 SQM 600x600 Rock Silver Matte Porcelain Tile: $686

Total with tiles: $4812

Total without tiles: $4126