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At Mimicoco, you can purchase a wide range of bathroom products from some of Australia’s top brands. When you buy from us, you know you are purchasing with complete peace of mind that this is a high-quality product that will last a very long time, and this is why our customers repeatedly come back to order from us again and again.
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Why You Should Buy A Black Towel Ladder From Mimicoco 

A popular product of ours is the black metal towel ladder and these can be found in bathrooms across the country. Find out more below about why you should invest in a black towel rail ladder from us.

The Four Big Benefits Of A Tower Warmer

There are four main benefits that you can look forward to after purchasing a black towel rail ladder.

  • Firstly, who does not want to enjoy warm towels and robes when they come out of the bath or shower? A matte black towel ladder makes every bathing experience luxurious and you will no longer have to endure the horrible chill when getting out the tub. After experiencing warm, toasty towels, you will never be able to go back!
  • A great benefit of having a towel warmer is that it will also dry your towels for you once you are done using them. This means that you will no longer have to put up with mildew on your towels ever again. What’s more, a black ladder towel rail will dry your towels really quickly and there is no need to have your damp towels lying all around your home.
  • Not only can you enjoy a black towel ladder warming your towels, but it also has the added benefit of heating up the rest of your room too. Cold tiles in your bathroom will be a thing of the past and you can say goodbye to the dash from the cold bathroom floor to the bedroom.
  • The fourth and final benefit of a towel warmer is the beautiful designs that you can pick and choose from. We have a wide range of cool designs to order here at Mimicoco and you are sure to find one that perfectly suits the theme and style of your bathroom. If you had not already guessed, one of our favourites at the moment is the black metal towel ladder which looks amazing in any style of bathroom and this is what makes it so popular. However, if this is not the right style for you, we have plenty of other options for you to look at. We also have a wide range of matte black bathroom fittings such as our black basin mixers so you can match the colour scheme of the rest of your bathroom easily.

Contact Mimicoco Today

If you have any questions about our black ladder towel rack, please get in contact with the team here at Mimicoco today. We have an on-site enquiry form that you can fill out and we will aim to be in touch with you as quickly as possible. Being based in Melbourne, we can deliver your new black towel ladder in Australia and you can find out more about our shipping costs on the Shipping & Returns web page.
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