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Are you looking for cool and unique ways to make your bathroom feel more luxurious? Then you will want to check out the matte black toilet roll holder we have for sale here at Mimicoco. This is a cool added touch that will give your bathroom that extra edge that you are looking for. Making your bathroom look and feel more luxurious is actually quite easy to do and can be achieved with just a few simple design decisions that are accessible to all budgets. Carry on reading for our top tips on how to make your bathroom appear more luxurious.
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How To Make Your Bathroom Appear More Luxurious

Making your bathroom feel more luxurious is a lot easier than you may think and you can easily do this on a smaller budget. Here are some of our top tips alongside getting our matte black toilet paper holder.

  • Wallpaper – Something that you may not have considered for your bathroom is wallpaper. For small rooms with just a bathroom and sink, having a statement wallpaper is the perfect way to distract from poor natural lighting and provide an elegant feel.
  • Trays – While you will have most of your bathroom products stored away in cupboards, there are some products that need to be left out for daily use. Instead of having these items scattered around your sink area, why not instead purchase a tray? A tray can be very chic looking and are perfect for keeping smaller items together such as hair ties. This is also a great way to display any bottles that you own that are far too pretty to be stored away.
  • Towels – Most people tend to store their towels away but having a few small towels neatly folded on your sink can create a more luxurious effect in your bathroom. This is especially true if you have towels with a cool pattern on them or towels that look very plush and cosy! We also have matte black towel rails that you can match with your other matte black bathroom fittings
  • Lighting – This is one of the easiest ways to give a grand effect to your bathroom. Instead of opting for the usual styles, why not instead go for a small chandelier? This might seem outrageous, but it will give you the desired effect that you are looking for in your bathroom.
  • Chair – Lastly, if you have a large bathroom space, have you thought about adding a chair? Having a plush chair placed in the corner can add a really elegant feel to your bathroom and can be practical too.

Get Your Matte Black Bathroom Items From Mimicoco

Mimicoco is your one-stop online shop for all your bathroom needs. Originating in Melbourne, our company provides the highest quality bathroom supplies from a range of Australian designers. Our prices are competitive and we never compromise on the quality of our products. If you want to know more about the range of products that we sell, speak to our team today through the online contact form or phone and they will be more than happy to discuss with you any queries that you may have.
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