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Are you redesigning your kitchen or simply trying to spruce it up? Mimicoco is the Melbourne based kitchen and bathroom suppliers with years of experience selling amazing products from the very best Australian suppliers. A massive trend that we have noticed lately is the matte black kitchen sink. This trend not only looks cool, modern and stylish, it is also super practical too, making it a fantastic option for many people. There are pros and cons to every sink style, however, so while you may have your heart set on a matte black sink, you may also want to consider some of the options below to go with this style.
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The Pros And Cons Of Different Matte Black Sink Types

Your kitchen sink is an item that is used all the time in your home for an array of different tasks and so it is vital that you choose the right style of sink and kitchen sink taps to suit you and your needs. We also have black basin mixers for you to match your whole kitchen to the same colour palette. Here, we are taking a look at what the pros and cons are of some popular sink styles.

The Single Black Sink

A popular option for many is simply one large kitchen sink. This usually is made up of a single, deep basin and this type of sink is great for those with families who usually cook large quantities of food. However, it does make it quite hard to juggle your cooking, such as soaking a dirty tray whilst trying to rinse your vegetables, so this is something to consider when making this purchase.

The Double Basin Sink

We’ve seen a huge rise in the number of people opting for two basins in their kitchen sink, of equal sizes, rather than one large one. This type of sink is handy as it allows you to carry out separate tasks like preparing food whilst cleaning dishes and you can do so easily. They can also be used just for washing as you can place soapy water in one and clean water in the other to rinse. With this sink type, you do need to consider that it could make it harder to wash and soak large pans.

Sink With Built-In Drainboard

Lastly, you may be seeing more and more sinks with a built-in drainboard. These are fantastic for draining dishes if you do not have a dishwasher and are always doing a lot of handwashing. What’s more, they are versatile in that it can also be used to allow your fruits and vegetables to dry after you have washed them. This is a much wider sink, however, so expect it to take up countertop space.

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Have you decided which matt black kitchen sink you want to opt for in your kitchen? Then you can order yours from Mimicoco today. If you still need some help deciding and want to know more about our fabulous range of back kitchen sink products, get in touch with our team today through our online contact form or by phone and we would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our product ranges for sale.
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