Matte Black

Matte Black Bathroom Fittings

Once upon a time when it came to bathrooms chrome was king. There were no other options on the market and for decades the general population were content in this respect.
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Fortunately for all of us, designers decided to move beyond the traditional concepts and explore materials that were less commonly used and unearthed a desire in the market for change. Copper, gold, stainless steel, ceramic and matte black bathroom fittings are the result of this change, and homeowners everywhere are the beneficiaries.

The Beauty of Matte Black Bathroom Accessories & Fittings

Here at Mimicocò, we appreciate the need to personalise your home bathroom to a style that fits both who you are and the aesthetic of your home. As such, we have aligned our showroom and catalogue with some of the best Australian manufacturers of bathroom products in the market.

Our customers also benefit from our collective years of experience dealing with bathroom products and bathroom renovations. We’ve been around for a while so we have a vast knowledge of the sector, and therefore offer a knowledge base that is second to none from our Melbourne store.

4 Common Mistakes When it Comes to Matte Black Bathroom Accessories

Bathrooms require a degree of creativity but also patience, and so when you are planning to make yours over, or start fresh, it is worth bearing a few things in mind.

1) Don’t rush into it

Planning your bathroom will pay off in the long run. Take the time to measure correctly, do some research into designs you like, and explore pricing options. If you go with the first thing you see just to get the job done, chances are you’ll regret it within months and have to either live with it or consider investing all over again.

2) Hire the right people

Unless you’re a DIY whizz, you will need skilled tradespeople to help fit your new fittings. It’s worth getting someone you know you can trust or have received a recommendation about from a family member or a close friend.

3) Buy as good as your budget allows

Everybody loves a bargain, but when it comes to your bathroom, investing in accessories that are cheap but may not last won’t really do you any good once wear and tear kicks in. Look for suppliers who stock high-quality goods from reliable, trusted brands.

The best Matte Black Bathroom Fittings for less

Matte black bathroom fittings are a very popular choice for the bathroom that instantly gives a bold, dramatic look to the space that is simultaneously subtle and sophisticated. The colour can easily be worked into the design of almost any project, and, particularly where used sparingly, it can give a room that certain extra something that perhaps had been missing.

At Mimicocò, we stock a variety of matte black products including, but not limited to the following:

  • soap dishes
  • towel rails
  • bath outlets
  • basin mixers
  • twin showers
  • shower heads
  • toilet paper holders

What’s more, our prices are highly competitive and with the possibility of free delivery within the Melbourne metro area and flexibility in terms of delivery options, choosing Mimicocò as your supplier ensures that you’re getting the best for less.
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