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Laundry Taps for Sale

You may have spent what feels like ages hunting for laundry taps online. Well, your search ends here.At Mimicocò, we get it! You want laundry taps that do the job but also blend into the stylish furnishings of your house. They also have to be affordable enough, not to mention of high quality for maximum durability. Whether you’re renovating, moving or simply replacing an old laundry tap, we spoil you with our range of laundry taps online. Get some seriously high-quality goods for amazing prices! Have a browse.
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A Wide Range of Laundry Taps

Here’s a little lesson: when looking for tapware and bathroom fittings, pay attention to the materials, engineering and workmanship quality. Cheap, plastic taps or fittings made from brittle alloys wear out easily and constantly need to be replaced. Save your money and invest in quality, for long-term satisfaction. But don’t worry, we’ll save you the quality-checking and guesswork.

Doing laundry is part of all our routines. That means we need consistent performance! What you don’t want is a laundry tap that causes you frustration by rusting easily, getting jammed or leaking. At Mimicocò, we believe it’s the little things that count. Not only are those issues foreign to our products, but you’ll be picking from the crème de la crème of fittings. We stock premier and designer brands such as Castano, Studio Bagno and Faucet Strommen. Some of our products even come with a lifetime guarantee! We don’t list anything on our site that we aren’t satisfied with – everything is evaluated against our strict standards for quality, durability, safety and style. Rest easy at night without worrying if water is gushing from the laundry room tap.

Functionality aside, we know how much you care about aesthetics! Who says taps have to be boring? Here at Mimicocò, our products are some of the most stylish, beautiful and innovative available nationwide. Create the modern, classic (and functional, of course) laundry room of your dreams with a few quick clicks on this site. Talk about value for money! We’ll make sure your laundry room is oh-so-easy on the eyes.

Questions About Our Laundry Taps

Not sure which tap would be best for your laundry room? No problem! Just contact our friendly customer service team, and we’ll guide you through it. With our extensive experience, we’ll teach you how to tell quality bathroom fittings from shoddy ones, how to plan a complete bathroom renovation or anything else you need to know.

Everything on this site is available for nationwide delivery, and we get it to you fast! Pay online securely with PayPal, Visa, and so much more. Spend over $150, and the shipping’s on us. Anything you buy will be covered by satisfaction guarantees and warranties, so go ahead and add that tap to your cart!

Finally, keep up with our latest arrivals, promotions and sales by signing up to our newsletter. We’re also on Facebook and Instagram, so give us a follow! Keep watch, and we’ll keep your bathrooms looking swanky and sophisticated.
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