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Kitchen Sink Mixer Taps Online

Most people prefer to install sink mixer taps in their kitchen as they have individual handles for controlling the flow of hot and cold water which is mixed and delivered via a single spout. Mixer taps come in three different handle styles: lever, knob and crosshead and in a myriad of different designs, colours and finishes.
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A Fantastic Range of Kitchen Sink Mixer Taps

At Mimicocò we stock an enormous selection of kitchen sink mixer taps from leading international and Australian brands, and they’re all available to buy online.

For many years, we’ve been selling all kinds of tapware from our online store Australia wide. We aim to offer one of the most extensive selections of both bathrooms taps and kitchens taps at the best possible prices, backed up by a level of customer service that’s second to none.

Our tapware comes from high-quality brands such as Fienza, Millennium, Phoenix Tapware, Bastow, Linsol and our own home-grown brand Mimicocò. This means you can be sure that you’ll always be getting superior quality hardware that’s backed up with a generous warranty.

Vintage, traditional or contemporary kitchen sink mixer taps – the choice is yours

One way to make your sink into a feature is by fitting an eye-catching tap. We offer kitchen taps of all shapes, colours and sizes to suit every style of kitchen. So, whether you’re looking for a sleek contemporary sink mixer tap in chrome or you need a vintage style mixer tap in a brushed gold or matte black finish, you’ll find what you need here at Mimicocò.

Just take a look at some of the different styles of mixer taps we have available:

  • Contemporary single lever handle taps such as the Millennium Akemi which comes in a range of finishes including black and chrome.
  • Pull down mixer taps equipped with a pull-down hose that incorporates twin spray technology.
  • Flexible hose mixer taps to make rinsing and cleaning vegetables a breeze
  • Extended lever taps for easier operation
  • Sink mixers with pull out spray attachments
  • Swivel sink mixers for versatility
  • Coil sink mixers that are perfect for both the kitchen and the laundry
  • Vintage styles, such as Shepherd’s Crook and Victorian English

So, as you can see, there’s a kitchen mixer tap for everyone and every kitchen. And now that we sell our kitchen mixer taps online, you can choose the tap you need, and have it delivered directly to your door, wherever you happen to be in Australia.  

Why kitchen sink mixer taps are such a neat idea

The kitchen mixer tap is a modern invention that still looks equally at home in a more classic setting when it is done properly. The great thing about a mixer tap is it simplifies and reduces the interface, so you have just a single control point to take care of. This also provides a more compact and stylish appearance.

Now let's think about the practical aspect. A kitchen sink mixer tap provides a simple lever you use to control both the flow and temperature of the water delivered through the outlet. If you used ordinary taps instead, you'd have to adjust the hot and cold water levels manually, which can be a lengthy process to get the precise water temperature you need for a specific task. Using a mixer tap simplifies this entirely. You can almost instantly find and select the correct temperature, and the flow pressure will be perfectly consistent.

No other tap style is as versatile or user-friendly. Mixer taps for kitchen sinks are also ideal for people who may have difficulty grasping things with their fingers. That includes elderly people, people with disabilities, and busy chefs who are holding things but still want to be able to turn the water on and off easily. The lever mechanism of a mixer tap makes it effortless for anyone.

For those who love cooking, a pull out sink mixer tap is a great choice

Many people avoid the kitchen sink because it reminds them of the task of washing dishes. But for those who enjoy cooking fresh foods, the sink has another important role to play, because it is where fresh ingredients can be washed and rinsed. And this is where the real beauty of a pull out style mixer tap will be truly appreciated.

While a standard outlet will get the job done eventually, the pull out mixer is in a class of its own. With this, you can direct the full pressure to get under each and every leaf or fold, rinsing off grit and dirt for super clean and crispy veggies every time.

The system works by cleverly hiding a hose inside the body of the water outlet, so it looks just like an ordinary kitchen sink mixer tap at first glance. But when you know the secret, you have access to that extra power whenever you need it, which is why professional chefs love this mixer tap style. In commercial kitchens, it is the most commonly encountered style, to the point you could almost say it is the default style for a commercial kitchen. This system is popular because it works so well at doing what it is designed to do.

Nobody offers better kitchen mixer taps online

Mimicocò has built a successful business based on a simple concept – only offering the best products. By only offering our customers the best, they are assured of always making good choices with no room for regret. The greatness of it is that nobody can make a better offer, because we're already giving you the best. High quality products, genuine value prices, and sincere after sales service with full product warranty cover.

Our online ordering process is fully secure, and our shipping is quick and reliable. We will send your products immediately as your payment is processed, even if you order a lot of products. So you can buy a kitchen sink mixer tap with confidence when you buy from Mimicocò.

Need Help to Buy Kitchen Mixer Taps?

At Mimicocò we want to make buying tapware easy, so if you need any help or advice on the best kitchen mixer taps for you, get in touch with our customer service team. We’ve many years of experience in selling tapware and can advise on issues such as water pressure and fitting and buying taps that fit within your budget.

We can deliver your taps to any address in Australia and offer free delivery for kitchen tap orders more than $150.

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