Ivy Sink Mixers

There are certain styles that no matter how many different alternatives attempt to rival it simply never goes out of fashion. When it comes to bathrooms all of us are familiar with chrome faucets and fittings, and regardless of whether we are pushing for something edgier when it comes to creating our own perfect space, few of us will immediately discount it. That look is timeless and is the tried, tested and true look that always works.
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Ivy Sink Mixers Built to Last

At Mimicocò, our online store houses many different bathroom accessories, and chief amongst them are chrome-finished products, including the ivy sink mixer, a versatile and elegant option for modern homes of all descriptions. Phoenix Tapware supplies this product, one of Australia’s leading designers.

It is made of solid brass, has a chrome finish and will connect to most existing plumbing. Better yet, it is supported by a 15-year cartridge warranty, a 7-year replacement product or parts warranty and a 1-year replacement product or parts & labour warranty.

Our policy at Mimicocò to bring the best products to the market and at the most competitive prices ensures that you can shop with confidence in the knowledge that your hard earned cash is being invested in an accessory that is not only fit for purpose but is built to last.

Choosing Your Ivy Sink Mixer

We all know that when it comes to the bathroom you don’t just dive in with both feet and snap up the first accessories you see. It is imperative that a little research and thought goes into the process. When it comes to choosing a ivy sink mixer for your bathroom there are a few things worth bearing in mind.

Wall-mounted taps and mixers require strong water pressure compared to taps mounted on the washbasin. As such, you need to know what water pressure you currently have before making your choice. You plumber can check this for you and from there you will be able to determine what solution will ensure that you get the best pressure from your mixer or taps.

On that note, it is obviously important that you know what style you want. Are you simply buying new accessories or renovating your bathroom from top to toe? If it’s the former, the style you choose should be in keeping with what you already have, or compliment it. If it’s the latter, put some time into thinking about how all the elements will work together to give you the best overall feel.

For many people, the ivy sink mixer will be exactly what they are looking for. But, we all have our own taste, and so if you want to explore other options, be sure to investigate what the product you settle on is made of, and determine the quality of its finish.

More Than Just Ivy Sink Mixers at Mimicocò

At Mimicocò, we have taken the time to carefully select the products that we stock and the suppliers with whom we partner up. What our customers can be certain of is that we source only the highest quality goods that are of Australian design and manufacture, so that when you step into our store, you have the confidence that the eye-catching, contemporary products on display were chosen with style, function and reliability in mind.

Our staff has years of experience and a depth of knowledge that is here for you to avail of, and we look forward to troubleshooting, solving and building long-lasting relationships with all our customers.
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