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The InvisiCab® 300 is a compact storage cabinet that is designed to suit 300 x 300 mm tiles.

Due to its compact size it is ideal for showers with limited floor space, or as a convenient storage cabinet for a bath.

The InvisiCab® 600 is a large, two-shelf storage cabinet that is designed to suit 600 x 300 mm tiles.

With two conveniently sized shelves the InvisiCab® 600 allows plenty of space for storing shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and more.






How does it work?

InvisiCab® is designed to fit within the timber stud wall at the time of construction or renovation of your bathroom. When installed inside the timber frame, the wall is then waterproofed and tiled to give a sleek ‘invisible’ look for your storage cabinet.

Which cabinet size do I need?

This depends on how much storage space you would like for your shower or bath. There are two cabinet sizes available to suit common tile sizes: 300 x 300 mm or 600 x 300 mm. The tile simply drops into the front of the door frame.

If you are using decorative, mosaic or other tile sizes, then tile cutting may be required. Talk to your tiler or tile supplier at the time of renovation or construction for advice.

Will InvisiCab® fit inside my wall?

InvisiCab® is designed to fit the most common timber stud wall framing at a depth of 90mm. InvisiCab® may also fit a 70mm deep timber frame if there is sufficient space behind for the 90mm deep cabinet to fit.

If unsure, consult your licensed builder for advice.

Do I need a licensed builder to install my InvisiCab®?

Yes. It is recommended that the builder follows the installation instructions enclosed with the product.

Can I retrofit an InvisiCab®?

No. Installation of InvisiCab® requires the removal of existing tile work and access to the timber stud wall for installation.