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Finding the best hardwood vanity for your bathroom can completely transform the look and atmosphere of your room. The right hardwood vanity unit can be the main focal point for any bathroom, so it is important to find a style of fixture that suits your interior design and your requirements when it comes to practical things like storage.
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Choose from a Wide Range of Hardwood Vanities at Mimicocò

At Mimicocò, we supply a vast range of hardwood vanity units that range in colour, size and design. In terms of design, we offer our clients a range of solutions from floorstanding and corner vanities to freestanding, heritage and wall-hung vanities from a range of amazing brands including Fienza and Turner Hastings.

Take some time to browse through our collection today until you find the perfect unit for your space.

How to Plan for the Perfect Bathroom Renovation

No matter how big or small your plans for renovating your bathroom are, it is still vital to stick to a plan when you’re searching for various bathroom fixtures, fittings and accessories for your new bathroom. At Mimicocò, we have years of experience working in the industry and we love nothing more than helping our customers design their dream bathroom.

Not sure which style of hardwood vanity would best suit your space? Are you confused when it comes to colour choice? If so, the following are some of our top tips when it comes to choosing the perfect unit for your space;

Things to Consider When Choosing a Hardwood Vanity

  1. Requirements. Make a list of what you need and what your desired outcome is for your renovation. Once you have a clear idea of what you need the vanity for, then you can start looking at specific styles.
  2. Layout & Positioning. Think about your current layout and if you want to change anything around before you start shopping for a new hardwood vanity. A small job can become a lot bigger and take more time if you must rearrange pre-existing items in your bathroom.
  3. Design. Question what style you’re going for and – if you’re not undergoing a full renovation – whether the fittings you’re looking at will suit the existing theme you’ve got running in the room.
  4. Space. Take some time to measure the space that you have to fill and only look at units that will fit comfortably in that area.
  5. Budget. It’s always important to keep your budget in mind when shopping for new fixtures. Luckily, we offer amazing quality hardwood vanities at prices you won’t find anywhere else so getting value for your money is guaranteed when you choose Mimicocò.

Have a question about our hardwood vanities?

Hardwood is one of the best choices when it comes to materials as it’s stylish, amazing quality, durable and it’s easy to clean. If you have a question about our hardwood vanities or any of our other products, be sure to get in touch with us today as we’d be more than happy to help you.
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