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Buy Hamptons Style Tapware!

Can’t afford a trip to the Hamptons? We’ll help you get the next best thing: a home right out of our favourite slice of paradise! If you’ve been obsessed with Hamptons-style interior design, you’re in the right place. When crafting beautiful bathrooms and kitchens, you’ll need fittings that are equally as stylish. Enter: our Hamptons tapware! With their classic arched necks and gleaming finishes, Hamptons style taps are our current favourites. Do you have a tap in the kitchen that makes funny gasping sounds whenever you wash the dishes? Your Hamptons style tap is calling.
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Fit for the Famous

We’ve all seen the luxury of Hamptons architecture in US TV shows. Sleek marble, lush cushions, light colours. Laid-back, yet sophisticated and modern. At Mimicocò, we’re passionate about helping you live your Hamptons dream. Now, you can get the same luxury in your very own kitchen and bathrooms. Picture this: a marble basin with a tall, gently-arching Hamptons style tap over it to give your bathroom that finishing touch. Perhaps you’d like it in gold instead? Silver? Matte black? Ooh-what about brushed rose gold? Take your pick. We’ll save your time: sort our products by finish on our site. See what’s on-trend as well, and what our customers have been loving!

We’re none other than the best online store for quality bathroom fittings nationwide. How do we ensure the quality of our products? We have a strict vetting process for every product we sell. This means that you’ll be buying world-class fittings designed with the most sophisticated engineering. Our products are made of single materials to maintain quality standards. No cheap cores with flaky outer layers here! You can be assured that your Hamptons style tap can be adjusted to your liking, without it breaking under the slightest pressure.

Don’t forget, we also stock everything else you’ll need to get your perfect Hamptons style room. Pair your tap with the perfect sink, basin, showerhead, bath spout, bidet…we spoil you, really!

The Designer’s Dreamhouse

Do you have a spouse who loves interior design? Mimicocò is every budding interior designer’s paradise. If you want to get it as a gift for your partner but aren’t sure what exactly they’ll love, worry not! We’ve got you covered. Simply purchase a gift certificate and they can redeem it on our site. They’ll be able to browse to their heart’s content and choose something they’ll definitely love. You can also include a specialised message on your gift certificate.

In the unlikely event that nothing in our catalogue strikes your fancy, simply check back soon! We restock frequently, with brands including Turner Hastings, Nero Tapware and Australia’s finest: our very own Mimicocò products. We have access to the best suppliers in the market, and at extremely competitive prices, too! If you need anything specific that you can’t find on our site, simply contact us and we’ll give you a quotation. Our experienced team is committed to keeping you safe by remaining on-call, from a distance.
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