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Gold Bathroom Fixtures

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than stepping into a luxurious bubble bath. You’ve worked hard and this is the reward you’ve been anticipating on the commute home, but as you settle into the tub and take in your surroundings there’s something definitely missing.
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The Biggest Range of Gold Bathroom Fixtures for Sale Online

Sure, the water is comforting but those stainless steel taps at the other end of the tub have seen better days, not to mention the towel rack that’s looking decidedly dated. Before long all hope of relaxation has vanished as the room around you bursts your fantasy bubble.

Gold bathroom fixtures add a degree of elegance, class and warmth to any bathroom. At Mimicocò we believe that when it comes to making a statement and investing in a timeless look for your new bathroom, gold is always worth looking into.

We are a Melbourne based online store with years of expertise and experience under our belt when it comes to all things bathroom related, be it product or renovation related. We stock and source nothing but high-quality products from Australian suppliers and best of all, do so at a competitive price. 

Things to think about when considering gold bathroom fixtures

While many of you are well versed in design and have that creative spark it is always worth looking at each part of a bathroom renovation piece by piece to ensure that what you spend your money on is right for you and what you wish to achieve in the long run.

 Before you choose a faucet it is important to know what type of sink/basin you will use. Some sinks require a faucet that is high enough to accommodate it. However, if you are renovating and faucet holes already exist you may either require new holes or match the faucet you buy to those already there.

If you are investing in a new bath and opt for a solid surface unit then consideration should be given to whether additional costs will be required to reinforce the floor to bear their considerable weight. They last a lot longer than acrylic or fibreglass options, so perhaps it’s worth chalking this additional expense down as a worthwhile investment.

A hand shower for your showerhead may offer an adjustability factor that caters to taller guests in your home and saves time stooping and craning one’s neck just to wash out the shampoo.

Quality gold bathroom fixtures by Name brands at competitive prices

We understand how challenging bathroom renovations can be and that when you embark on your journey toward creating that perfect space you want the best products that are fit for purpose and will sustain you for years to come. As such, at Mimicocò we do our utmost to offer you the best in the market, everything from gold bathroom fixtures to our Victorian range.

You will be familiar with many of the brands in our catalogue, which include but are not limited to:

  • Millenium
  • JamieJ
  • Fienza
  • Phoenix Tapware
  • Faucet Strommen
  • ADP
  • Castano
  • Turner Hastings
  • Studio Bango
  • Linsol

So, when you’re in need of bathroom products that will last at competitive prices and from experts with a finger on the pulse, Mimicocò is here to help.
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