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Why You Should Opt For a Glass Basin

If you are in the process of choosing items for your new bathroom, you will be looking at a variety of sink styles. A big trend at the moment that does not appear to be going anywhere soon is the glass basin. A glass vessel basin is an amazing addition to any bathroom and can transform it from a lovely bathroom into an outstanding one that will be the envy of all your friends. Keep on reading to find out more about the top reasons why you should consider a glass vanity basin for your bathroom.
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Top Reasons To Get a Glass Vanity Basin

Thinking about getting a glass hand basin but have not quite made up your mind yet? Below you can find out more about our top reasons as to why you should opt for this basin style.

Glass Vessel Basins Suit Any Bathroom

One of the major advantages of choosing this style of bathroom basin is that it will go well with really any style of bathroom. So, if you are unsure about what style of basin to choose for your new bathroom, a glass one is your best bet. They work well in both modern and classic bathroom styles as you already have other glass items around the room such as mirrors and windows.

Glass Hand Basins Look Great

Of course, one of the top reasons to choose a clear glass basin is because they look amazing! Not only will you love your new glass basin, we know from previous experience that you will also have many guests commenting on how great it looks. This type of basin provides a calming atmosphere in any bathroom with its simplistic and minimal style.

Clear Glass Basins are Easy to Clean

Just like stainless steel, a glass sink can show up fingerprints and smudges; however, it is very easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is give it a quick wipe with a dry cloth and it will look shiny and new again as though it has just been freshly polished. As the light bounces around this transparent material, it causes it to sparkle and will definitely catch the eye of any guest using your bathroom.

Glass Bathroom Sink Bowls Adds Light To Any Space

As we just mentioned, light is able to shine in on your glass sink and this will allow the sink to bounce this light around your bathroom in the same way that a mirror would. Light is something that is welcomed in any room of a room and can truly transform a space when there are no shadows or dullness bring the atmosphere down. Small bathrooms, in particular, can massively benefit from glass materials as it will help the room to feel much bigger and airier.

Purchase Your New Glass Basin Today From Mimicoco

At Mimicoco, we provide our customers with an incredible choice of high-quality, Australian bathroom sinks that are perfect for any bathroom style. If you want to purchase one of our glass basins in Australia, but would like some more information first, get in touch with our team who can provide you with the answers to any queries you may regarding our glass bathroom sink bowls.
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