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Get an Ensuite Vanity from Mimicocò

In ensuite bathrooms or any small bathroom, storage can be a big issue. Figuring out where to put all your hair products, skincare, shower products, makeup and other things is a real hassle. An ensuite vanity is a perfect solution to all your bathroom storage problems. Taking up minimal space but offering plenty of storage, a vanity can be made to fit into any bathroom and under any basin. At Mimicocò, we specialise in supplying Australia with high-quality bathroom furnishings from the best brands in the industry. We’re an online store based in Melbourne, and we ship across the whole country. No matter the size of your bathroom or the style you’re going for, we have a vanity option for you.
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What’s an Ensuite Vanity?

A vanity is a storage cabinet fitted underneath a basin to optimise all the space available in your bathroom. These come in a multitude of sizes and styles. Ensuite vanities are ideal for the smallest of bathrooms, designed to take up the least amount of space while offering plenty of storage for bathroom accessories and toiletries. These are usually quite narrow and small to fit under even a small toilet sink, and they come wall hung as well as freestanding.

Benefits of an Ensuite Vanity

  • A storage solution that doesn’t take up space

  • Utilise all the space in your bathroom

  • Fit bathroom accessories and toiletries into the smallest of bathrooms

  • Create a modern, stylish look

  • Organise all your toiletries

  • Streamline your morning and evening routine

Ensuite Vanities We Stock

At Mimicocò we have a wide range of vanities to fit all bathrooms, sinks, styles and budgets. From the more basic to eye-catching vanities, from ensuite to double vanities, we have it all. Our selection comes from the best brands in the industry, including ADP, Fienza, Timberline and Turner Hastings. The different models we have available include:

Why You Should Choose Us

What makes Mimicocò the best option for buying a new vanity? There are many reasons! We have one of the most extensive collections in Australia, which means you have more options with us than anywhere else. We can accommodate every budget, bathroom and taste with our vanities. We also have access to many suppliers, which means if there’s something you want that isn’t available on our website, you can just email us and we can help you out. Our products are of the highest quality and offered at competitive prices. Our vanities come from well-known and established brands, which means they last a long time and won’t fall apart within a few weeks. We don’t only sell vanities, either, and we have what you need for each step of your bathroom renovation. Our friendly customer service team is always available to provide advice and guidance as well.

Order Your Vanity from Mimicocò

If you need a vanity or a new ensuite sink with some storage underneath, your best bet is to order from Mimicocò. Browse our website to consider your options and place an order today.
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