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Looking for a Double Vanity?

If you want a stylish, functional solution to lack of storage space in your bathroom, a vanity is always a good option. The double vanities sold at Mimicocò are an excellent storage solution to place underneath a pair of double basins, or as an extra-large piece under a single basin, giving you plenty of counter space as well. Mimicocò is a Melbourne-based business offering high-quality bathroom furnishings from Australian suppliers. With our competitive prices and a wide range from all the best Australian brands, we’re the best place to order double vanities online.
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Why You Need a Double Vanity

An untidy bathroom doesn’t look very nice and searching desperately for what you need every morning isn’t practical or time-efficient. You can streamline your morning routine and create a sleek, tidy look by investing in a bathroom vanity. Many bathrooms don’t have space for shelves or cupboards, or maybe you’ve already filled the room up with them and still need more storage space. A vanity is a cupboard that sits underneath your basin, meaning it doesn’t take up any more space than necessary and is easily incorporated into any bathroom. If you have a set of double basins or plan to get some, then a double vanity also serves to create a more coherent look and connecting your basins to each other. Whether it’s hair, skincare or shower products you need to store, a good vanity can fit all of it.

Our Double Vanity DoubleOptions

At Mimicocò, we have a wide selection of single and double vanities to choose from, from all the leading brands in the industry. This includes Fienza, Turner Hastings, and many more. With all the designs available, we have sizes and styles that can fit into any bathroom and under any basin. We can also accommodate all interior design styles and personal preferences. Installing one of our beautiful basins can create an entirely new look to your bathroom or blend in seamlessly with the existing décor, whichever one you prefer. Classic or modern, simple or extravagant, we have something for all styles. Many of these products come available in different sizes and various colours, allowing you to customise them according to your needs. Some of our vanities are freestanding and reach all the way to the floor, and some are mounted to the wall. Some come with a basin included and others don’t. We’re also able to accommodate various budgets, with different prices and brands available depending on how much you’re able to spend.

Buying from Mimicocò

When it comes to your bathroom, we have everything you need at Mimicocò. With years of experience, we’ve amassed professional knowledge of the industry and created one of the widest ranges of products in Australia. Our catalogue is constantly updated with products from all the best brands, sold at competitive prices. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our site, you can even request a quote for a custom ordered product from one of the many suppliers we have access to. Shipping all over Australia is free for carts over $100 containing tapware, showers and bathroom accessories, and for larger products, delivery is free for orders over $1000 to the Melbourne metro area. If you’re looking for a double vanity in Australia, you should order one from Mimicocò.
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