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Exceptional Double Kitchen Sinks in Australia

If you are looking for a new double kitchen sink, whether you are doing a full kitchen refurbishment or just looking to give parts an update, Mimicocò is here to help. Our online catalogue is full of all the sanitary ware you need to give both your kitchen and bathroom an update. Our selection of high-quality kitchen sinks has been evaluated against strict criteria to make sure that it meets our high standards. If it lacks in durability, style, quality or safety or we are just not completely satisfied that it will go down well with our customers, it will not make it into the collection. If you would like to browse our collection of extraordinary products, visit our easy to use website.
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The Pros of a Double-Bowl Sink

A double-bowl sink is essentially a sink with two basins but together in one unit. These sinks are separated with a divider so that you can use them both separately. When choosing a sink, you may want to know what the benefits of having a double kitchen sink are, below we will look are some of them:

  • Perfect for handwashing dishes – If you don’t have a dishwasher, or prefer to wash your dishes by hand, a double kitchen sink is perfect. It allows you to soak your dishes in warm soapy water on one side while being able to scrub and rinse them on the other side.

  • Keeps dirty dishes separate – If you are someone who likes to keep your dirty dishes in the sink, having two basins gives you somewhere to store those dishes until you get round to washing them.

  • Always have an empty side – Having an empty side that is free from dirty dishes is perfect as it means you have somewhere to rinse vegetables during meal preparation, and ensures that you can always get to your taps easily.

When thinking about all these pros, it is a good idea to remember that double kitchen sink are usually large, and can take up a lot of counter space, so if you have a smaller kitchen, this is something that you may have to consider. All sinks have their pros and cons, so you should think about how you use your kitchen sink, and what would be the most practical option for your life.

Get Your Dream Sink with Mimicocò

At Mimicocò you can get your dream double bowl corner sink at a competitive price. We work with Australian brands and suppliers to bring you a selection of extraordinary products that we think any of our customers would be happy to have in their homes. The best part is that we ship Australia wide. Where ever you are in Australia, you can order a quality, stylish sink for your kitchen and have it delivered straight to your door, safely and conveniently.

If you would like some advice on the right sink for your project get in touch. Our staff have the expertise to be able to talk you through your options and our products to ensure that you make the right decision for your kitchen.
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