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Buy a Concrete Basin Online from Mimicocò

If you’re in the market for a new basin, a concrete one is the best choice you can make. Affordable and extremely stylish, a concrete basin is the perfect way to spice up a boring bathroom. Concrete is also one of the most durable materials that basins are made of. Mimicocò is one of the leading suppliers of bathroom furnishings in Australia, making us the obvious choice for purchasing a new basin. With a wide range of high-quality products and competitive prices, we’re the place to go if you want to buy a concrete basin. We ship across the country and are able to accommodate any style and budget.
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Benefits of a Concrete Basin

What makes concrete the best material for a good basin? There are plenty of reasons why you should choose concrete, and here are some of them.

  • Concrete is more affordable than materials like marble or granite

  • It’s more durable than porcelain and similar materials and can take a lot without damaging

  • A concrete basin is low maintenance, requiring sealing after installation and resealing every ten years

  • These basinsare easy to personalise and adapt to different sizes and colours to fit your specific needs

  • If you feel like renovating in the future, a concrete basin is adaptable and can be redone and modified by a professional, making it possible to switch things up

  • They’re easy to repair, reseal and patch

  • A concrete basin can last up to 60 years if well-maintained, which means it likely won’t need to be replaced in your lifetime

Our Concrete Basins

When it comes to bathroom furnishings, we have one of the biggest collections in the country. This includes our range of basins, concrete and otherwise. We have a basin that fits every bathroom, taste, style and budget, available in all colours, materials and shapes imaginable. We stock only the best brands, including ADP, Nood Co., and Fienza. If you’ve become convinced that a concrete basin is right for you, then we have those as well. Our concrete basins are from Nood Co. and come as rectangles, cubes, circles and squares. There’s also a wide variety of colour options for each of these, including simple grey, black and white, or bolder blue, peach and pink, and many more. Every concrete basin is made to order in only 2-3 weeks. They’re all surface mounted, making them perfect to combine with one of our vanities.

Why You Should Choose Us

  • We have excellent customer service and are always here to offer advice and guidance

  • We’ll make your concrete basin to order

  • We have a wide selection of basin options for all budgets, styles and needs

  • We ship all across Australia, and orders of big items worth over $1000 qualify for free shipping to the Melbourne metro area

  • We stock all the biggest and best brands in the bathroom industry and offer competitive prices

If you’re looking to buy a concrete basin in Australia, look no further. Browse our collection and make your order to have your bathroom become the envy of your friends with a new stylish concrete basin.
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