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Dear builder, architect or interior designer,
we are so proud to present our Mimicocó tapware, showers and bathroom accessories collections for the building industry. We have created these collections to satisfy the requests that nowdays the professionists involved in the building industry are reqiring: high quality, to avod any complain from customers, modern-functioanl design, to satisfy the market request and exeptional value quality-price to have bigger margins.
Shop throught our collections of high quality chrome and matte black bathroom-ware.

Shipping Australia-wide (free delivery after $150): we can ship straight to the building site, we can hold your orders in our warehouse (in case you want to buy in advance and book the stock) or we can ship to the closer freight warehouse to your building site to give you the freedom to pick them up whenever you want.

-fully brass made

-all our tapware uses Kerox Hungarian-made cartridge, pneumatically tested (more than water tesed) to guarantee an exeptional long life and avoid any functional problem (15 years warranty)
-all the chrome tapware have 15 years cartridge warranty, 10 years replacement parts or products, 2 years labour warranty.
-all the matte black (electroplated finish) tapware have 15 years cartridge warranty, 2 years replacement parts or products, 2 years labour warranty.

-fully brass made
-all our chrome finish accessories come with 15 years replacement parts or products warranty
-all our matte black accessories come with 2 years replacement parts or product

-choice between multifunctional showers, rail showers, arm&rose showers or hand showers.
-15 years warranty for chrome showers
-2 years warranty for matte black showers
-LIFETIME warranty for shower parts (arms&roses)

-chrome spouts with lifetime warranty