Black Basin Mixers

A hundred years ago installing a black basin in your bathroom would raise a lot of eyebrows and probably start a conversation about whether you’ve been getting enough religion in your diet! Today, however, black tapware and accessories in the bathroom have been around for a while, but make no mistake, even though they raise fewer eyebrows than a hundred years ago, they still capture the imagination and the eye of the most jaded decorator.
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A Black Basin Mixer in Your Bathroom?

At Mimicocò, we are big fans of black accessories in bathrooms. A black basin mixer or towel rack or matte black shower head will always command attention because no matter what you set it against, it works and serves as a wonderful accent within the room.

Our goal is to not only supply black bathroom accessories and fittings but a wide range of styles, finishes and products that are of the highest quality and were designed and manufactured by Australian brands you know and trust.

Why Black Basin Mixers are so Popular

Black is back, but did it ever really leave? Over the past decade or more it has proven a worthy competitor to the classic stainless steel and chrome taps that have been around for as long as most can remember. Here’s why:

1) Looks are everything

Black made a huge impact because of the shock factor it inspired when it first arrived. Chrome and steel we expected and so this welcome, brooding, sleek replacement caught the imagination of thousands.

2) A new dimension

What designers discovered was that black seemed to be the perfect complement for almost any other neutral colour. It contrasted well against them and added a contemporary new dimension to the bathroom that had not been seen before. What’s more, when combined with wood or marble or stone finishes it looks fantastic.

3) Affordable

Money talks, but while some might expect a popular alternative to hurt their wallets, you can, in fact, get black bathroom taps and accessories for less. As with all things, there is a sliding scale, so the more you spend the higher the quality finish, but depending on what your goals are, black is not inaccessible.

4) Blemish-free

Chrome and steel tapware get smudged and bear fingerprints that can spoil their appearance. Black remains blemish-free in this respect, however, if it has not been looked after it will, of course, show up any wear and tear in time.

More Than Just Black Basin Mixers at Mimicocò

The Internet has changed the way we shop, but at Mimicocò we believe that when it comes to your bathroom dealing with those who have expertise in the field can allay many of your doubts and give you confidence in your choices. A black basin mixer may be the beginning of something new for your bathroom and may inspire a major overhaul, requiring design and further planning.

As such, we’re here to help as you plan your bathroom renovation or talk you through the products we have on offer.

At Mimicocò our goal is to put high-quality products in your hands at a competitive price, and we look forward to your order.
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