Bathroom Vanities Australia

How tidy is your bathroom? Is it cluttered with toiletries and cosmetics, extra tubes of toothpaste and all the other paraphernalia that somehow finds its way into the bathroom? If so, you could probably do with extra storage. But what if you don’t have room for shelves or cupboard units?
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Create Space with Modern Bathroom Vanities from Mimicocò

One way to give a cohesive feel to your bathroom and add much-needed storage space is with a vanity basin. Vanity basins are a clever combination of sleek storage cupboard combined with a bathroom basin. The washbasin can be either fully inset or the basin can be semi-recessed, where the front portion of the sink protrudes over the edge of the unit with the rest of the sink being inlaid.

By choosing to install one of the high-quality modern bathroom vanities available online at Mimicocò, you’ll get extra storage and a stylish place to carry out your ablutions.

Take a look at our selection of bathroom vanity units now, and you’ll see that we offer a variety of designs from leading bathroom ware brands such as Fienza and Turner Hastings. Each unit has been expertly crafted to incorporate high-quality basins into a freestanding or wall-mounted base unit that has plenty of space to store all the things that you may not want on show.

Choose from a Variety of Bathroom Vanities, Countertops and Bases

When we put together our collection of vanity units our aim was to offer one of the best ranges of bathroom vanities Australia has available. And we think we’ve succeeded. We have vanities available with marble tops, ceramic tops, stone tops, slate tops and tops made from fully vitrified china with a stylish glazed finish.

And just in case you were wondering what the difference is between vitrified and standard china; vitrified china is fired at temperatures above 1300oC to produce a bright, crisp white colour that’s much brighter than you’ll find with the standard version.

Some of our vanities feature sleek matte white surfaces made from a mixture of Lucite Pure Acrylic and Aluminium Hydroxite which can be moulded to give a modern profile with sharp, clean lines. And if you want to add texture to your bathroom, our wooden topped vanities made from sustainable or recycled hardwood means that they’re not only unique but that you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.

The biggest range of bathroom vanities in Australia

Mimicocò has made a speciality of stocking only the very best bathroom and kitchen accessories, so it makes perfect sense that our extensive range of bathroom vanity units is populated with only the best choices from the best Australian and international manufacturers.

Choosing any product from Mimicocò is about simplifying things to the point that you're able to feel absolute confidence in whatever you buy. This works because there are no weak points – every product is among the best in its class, and there are no exceptions. As a result, there's no guessing, no regrets, just absolute certainty that whatever you buy from us is going to work and it's going to be great.

Anyway, it should be enough to say we've got a lot of bathroom vanities to choose from, and they're all really good ones.

Why do they call it a vanity basin anyway? 

This kind of basin is a necessity for any bathroom, so it seems a bit odd for it to be named in such a way. Normally the word vanity carries some heavy negative connotations. In this case, it's just one of those random situations where somebody used that description, and it somehow caught on. Language is fickle like that. The most surprising thing is that it did catch on, despite not having any positive association.

Classic & Modern bathroom vanities

The importance of choosing the bathroom vanity unit well could easily be overlooked, but it is something you should give serious thought to. Making a correct decision will be very rewarding if you base your choice on the right factors.

Even though the bathroom vanity is far from the largest furniture item in the bathroom, it's probably the most important. It's certainly usually the most visited location. People use this space for washing, shaving, applying makeup, styling their hair, and all sorts of other wondrous activities. It should, therefore, be a pleasure to use.

We're Australia's leading supplier of bathroom vanities

How do you make certain of this? The answer is to put in a lot of thought before you make a final decision. The most vital statistic is clearly how much room you have for installing the bathroom vanity unit. This is at least partly decided for you by the size and shape of the room, proximity to other bathroom furnishings, and so on.

You also need to give some thought to the people who are likely to be using the feature and how they are likely to use it. Men and women have completely different ways they make use of a bathroom vanity unit, and that is something worth bearing in mind.

Factors like the shape, basin depth, and so on are important. For example, a shallow and rounded basin is going to be easiest to clean, but also least practical for most purposes. A deep rectangular basin is very practical, but much less easy to clean and potentially a bit more hazardous for small children and pets.

So thinking about the people who will be living in the home, their needs, their characteristics, and the ways they may already be making use of the existing bathroom vanity units in their lives, will be a very good starting point to making a good choice.

Why Buy Vanity Basins from Mimicocò?

As one of the leading suppliers of bathroom ware in Australia, we strive to give our customers superior products at the most competitive prices. We only work with the very best brands to bring you high quality, innovative bathroom pieces that work well in both modern and traditional homes, so you can find a vanity basin that suits your bathroom and your budget.

We also offer easy online ordering for all our products to enable you to buy your bathroom vanities online with the least amount of hassle. Add in secure payment systems and Australia-wide delivery, and you can see why we’re the #1 choice with people who are looking to buy value-for-money vanities in Australia. We give you the opportunity to redesign your bathroom, shower-room or ensuite for less without compromising on quality.

And don’t forget – if you need any advice on choosing bathroom vanity units or on how to renovate your bathroom to best effect, don’t hesitate to contact our customer services team and we’ll be happy to help.

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