Bathroom Basins Online

If you thought that all basins are equal – think again. There is a bathroom basin for every situation, taste, budget and size of bathroom and Mimicocò stock them all. From your timeless pedestal to a vessel bowl basin, we’ll have a basin for you – and at a very competitive price.
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Beautiful Basins Make Beautiful Bathrooms

As one of Australia's leading suppliers of tapware and basins, we’ve put together an extensive collection of high-quality basins from manufacturer’s such as Fienza, Alice Ceramica, Architectural Designer Products, Castano and Gallaria.

We have round basins that sit on worktops, square basins that are recessed into vanity units and basins that sit on pedestals, so no matter what kind you’re looking for, we enable you to buy stylish bathroom basins online from some of the leading international and local sanitary ware brands.

Choosing Your Bathroom Basin

Choosing the right bathroom basin for you comes down to several factors. You need to consider the space you have in your room, whether you want a traditional or contemporary look, the kind of basin you want and of course, your budget. Basins come in several different types including:

  • Top Mount Basins – probably the most commonly installed basin, a top mount or drop-in basin is designed to sit on top of a bench with most of the bowl sitting below the benchtop. There is usually a lip sitting above the bench top that can make wiping water away tricky. These are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, such as the Fienza Allison Ceramic semi-inset basin.
  • Under-Mount Basins – as the name suggests this type sits underneath the benchtop to create a minimal seamless look. It’s a practical solution for family bathrooms as it’s easy to wipe away surface water straight into the bowl. The ADP Unity Solid Surface Under-counter Basin is a perfect example.
  • Wall Hung Basins – these are fixed directly to the wall without any need for a bench or counter. Perfect for small bathrooms or adding a minimalist feel to a room, this type of basin can be a design statement or a purely functional piece of sanitary ware.
  • Pedestal Basins – perhaps the most traditional type of basin, the wash basin sits on top of a ceramic pedestal. The pedestal basin is the perfect choice for period or traditional style homes. However, this type of basin doesn’t always have a traditional appearance – take a look at the Olympia Ceramica Formosa series of pedestals for a thoroughly modern interpretation of this style.
  • Semi-Recessed Basins – suitable for rooms with limited space, a semi-recessed basin extends from the front of a shallow depth cabinet to free up valuable floor space while leaving room on the bench for toiletries.
  • Vessel Basins – in recent years this type of basin has become extremely popular. The basin sits on top of the counter and comes in a variety of materials, from glass and marble to ceramic and metal. If you love the thought of a metal basin but you want the practicality of ceramic, the Zeus Bronze Basin by Architectural Design Products is the perfect compromise.

Things to think about before you buy basins online

Without a doubt, the most important thing to keep in mind when buying any kind of furnishing items is how much room you have available for installing them. As you're making your calculations for height, width, and depth, don't forget to make some allowances for void areas (space that will be left empty for easier movement and cleaning).

Taking some time to perform your measurements in advance will pay off by making the ordering process easier. You'll have a much better understanding of what you have room for and what's going to look good in the space you have.

Decide also about the colours and materials you like best. This will make it a little easier to browse the collections because you can filter based on the criteria you select. You can also more easily coordinate different items based on having similar colours and materials.

Finally, don't forget about the style of taps and other fittings you will want to use with your basin. Many bathroom basin styles may come with holes already included to make it easy to install certain types of plumbing fittings. The number and placement of the holes can make a really big difference to the options available. Choose a bathroom basin that's compatible with the style of plumbing you prefer.

Round basin vs square basin

Shape is another important thing to consider. A square basin is more common these days and gives a tidy appearance. A round basin has advantages of not having corners, so it's easy to clean. Some people may feel the round shape is a bit old fashioned, but if you have an oval shaped bathtub, a round basin will complement the look nicely. It really comes down to your own feelings. The square style is modern and stylish; the round style is easy to maintain and more traditional.

Don't forget to think about the end use

It's interesting that people sometimes get so caught up on the aesthetic matters that they forget about practical considerations. Depth, shape, tap placement, and more are all determining factors not only on how the basin looks but what you can do with it.

In general, a wider surface area will give you more options than going for more depth, but a bathroom basin that is too shallow can also be a bit limiting. So do give some thought to how you might want to use your basin and what kind of things you're going to want to put in it. Not everything you do with a bathroom basin is immediately obvious until you think about the things you already like to do with one. Then it gets a bit clearer what your expectations might be, including taking care of the shortcomings of the basins you've used before.

More of the best bathroom basins online

As with everything we do at Mimicocò, we only offer the very best when it comes to bathroom basins.  If it isn't fantastic quality, it's not in our range. Even with such a strict policy in place, there is still an abundance of choice, but what makes it exciting is that every choice is a great choice because we've removed all the ordinary stuff. Only the best products are on offer, so there's really no way to go wrong.

Buy Basins Online from Mimicocò

At Mimicocò we give you the chance to buy basins online wherever you are in Australia. Whether you want a round basin to sit on a counter top, a space saving wall hung vanity or a classic pedestal, you’ll find the best deals for basins in our online store. Take a particular look to our collection of italian ceramics basin, you will not find the same top quality product at that price!
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